Is A Landlord Responsible For Injuries To Passing Hikers And Visiting Campers?

Any residents of Ontario that try to answer the question in this article’s title can find some clues in Ontario’s Occupiers’ Liability Act. Invited hikers and campers should get protection from the landowner assuming that the landowner has invited them to venture onto a specific section of the privately-held land. On the other hand, trespassers remain unprotected. (more…)

Types of Fatigue That Result From A Traumatic Brain Injury

In Canada, one of the top causes of death and disability are traumatic brain injuries or TBI’s as they are sometimes referred to. Motor vehicle accidents along with slip or trip and fall accidents account for 55% of all TBI cases. In 70% of these cases, fatigue is a symptom associated with the resulting injury. Fatigue is often attributed to the brain not working properly. Consequently, it is harder to focus or concentrate and there is little if any energy for family members, hobbies, or sports. (more…)