Is There A Duty To Warn By Manufacturers In Medical Liability Claims?

Whenever the court tries to decide who might be held liable for a given injury, it seeks to determine the extent to which the responsible party had been saddled with a specific duty of care. In the eyes of the law, any adult has been given a duty of care towards the other members of society. Adults that fail to exercise their duties have become negligent, and can be held liable for a given injury. (more…)

Nuances of The Insurance Claim Process

If you have been a driver or a passenger in a car that was involved in a collision, then you can apply to your own car insurance company for benefits, regardless of which driver was “at-fault.” There are two reasons for that specific provision. Reason one: It limits the degree of liability placed on the at-fault driver. Reason two: It ensures the delivery of compensation to all the injured victims. (more…)

Questions Most Often Asked of Plaintiff In Car Accident Case

Before the date of a trial, the plaintiff must appear at a deposition. During that deposition, the attorney for the defendant can ask the defendant any question that might shed light on the degree to which the plaintiff’s injury has affected his or her earning power and lifestyle. The lawyer for the plaintiff can guess at many of those same questions, and can prepare his or her client for the coming deposition. (more…)