Actions That Might Cause An Automobile Accident

You do not have to strain your imagination, in order to bring to mind those behaviors by a driver that might increase the likelihood of an on-road accident. Yet, you may need to think much harder, in order to envision ways that a passenger might cause a collision. Still, there are times when a passenger might be named as the party responsible for the occurrence of a car crash.

Reviewing some of the acts performed by a reckless driver

• Exceeding the speed limit.
• Driving the wrong way on a one-way street.
• Failing to stop at a stop sign or at a red light.
• Making a left-hand turn when another driver is approaching the intersection.
• Changing lanes without signaling first.
• Following another vehicle too closely.
• In Ontario, someone that eats or drinks while driving is, according to the law, considered a reckless driver.

How a passenger might interfere with a driver’s ability to drive a car safely?

• By talking to the driver
• By taking a picture of the driver
• Placing some object in the driver’s line of vision
• Using sounds and actions to get the driver’s attention
• Actually, hitting the person that is sitting behind the steering wheel
• Playing with the stereo equipment, or some other type of entertainment device
• Seek assistance, during an effort to place a phone call
• Shouting directions at the last moment, if a motorist has agreed to provide you with a lift to a given location.

How drivers should respond to a distracting move that has been made by a passenger?

Drivers do not have to pay attention to a passenger’s remarks, unless the passenger is directing the route that needs to be followed, in order to reach a given destination. Of course, some passengers need a stronger message; they persist in pursuing their chosen activity.

In such a situation, the person sitting behind the steering wheel must deliver that message. That delivery can take the form of a decision to pull onto the side of the road. Few passengers lack the ability to appreciate the intensity of such a message.

Drivers that learn how to disregard a passenger’s actions, or how to put an end to disruptive actions have a defense to present, if a passenger’s action has caused a motor vehicle accident. At times, drivers’ defenses have forced a court to rule that a passenger is the sole person responsible for a given collision.

Like drivers, passengers get excused for questionable behavior, if it was committed in order to signal for help at the time of an emergency. Just as drivers’ fingers are allowed to dial 911, passengers’ hands could be excused for grabbing a cell phone from the dashboard, to call 911. If you are a victim of such an accident, it is important to call on a personal injury lawyer in Collingwood and seek the right assistance.