Actions To Take If In Auto Accident While Driving Leased Vehicle

A company that makes money by leasing motor vehicles would go out of business, if it kept leasing those same vehicles to reckless drivers. In that case, it would increase the chances for any leased vehicle to get damaged.

No company that leases cars or trucks wants to get stuck with the need to repair a damaged set-of-wheels. For that reason, it asks any customer to sign a contract. According to that contract, the person signing that particular document must pay for any repairs to a damaged area of the leased car, truck, van or SUV.

Someone that has signed such a contract has reason to inquire, regarding what to do in the event of an accident. Here are the instructions:

Actions to take at scene of accident

• Check on the condition of anyone else in the vehicle.
• Call the proper authorities.
• Get seen by a member of the medical profession.

Reporting procedure

• Report incident to your insurance company.
• Report incident to the actual owner of the damaged vehicle (the company from which it was leased).

Taking care of repairs

Expect to be seeking a source of company-manufactured parts for performance of any repair. Study your contract. The contract should call for utilization of such a component. Furthermore, that same contract should make it clear that you must pay for the repairs.

Why must you have the repairs done with such parts? That is due to the fact that each such item contains top-quality materials. Those are the sorts of materials that the leasing company wants to have in the vehicles that it leases. By the same token, pay attention to the following word of warning.

You cannot elect a solution that reduces the repair costs, but does not promise to return the damaged vehicle to its original condition. For instance, if you have damaged the area above a rear wheel, you must pay to have that fixed. You cannot save money by asking that the damaged area get covered by a special type of decorative piece/accessory.

True, the result might look rather stylish. Still, it has failed to produce something that has all the features that were found on what you leased from the company, the one that had you sign a contract. For that reason, you need to rule-out the possibility of considering such a solution. Instead, pay for a suitable repair and focus on a different issue.

How to seek compensation?

If you were not responsible for the accident, let your personal injury lawyer in North Bay file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. Still, you cannot count on getting money from that company. Consequently, you should have your own automobile insurance policy. Seek compensation from the company that sold you that same policy.