Advice For Resident of Ontario That Has Become A Personal Injury Lawyer’s First-Time Client

Personal injury lawyers realize that a potential client might have a sense of uncertainty, before making contact with an attorney. Often, the person that feels compelled to file a personal injury claim has had few, if any, prior interactions with members of the legal community. For that reason, adults that plan to initiate a lawsuit have a chance to consult a possible attorney.

Significant features of that initial consultation

• It is offered as a free service to all potential clients.
• It provides a first-time client with the chance to ask any question that relates to the consulted personal injury lawyer in North Bay additional services.
• That same client can also offer details on his or her injuries.

Assistance that clients can expect, when taking part in a free consultation

Obtain the consulted attorney’s view on the strengths and weaknesses of the presented case. A personal injury lawyer may decline to take a weak case. There are many suggestions as to how to proceed; guidance, regarding the nature of the next planned move.

A chance to discover options. If a lawyer feels that another attorney might take the case, the potential client should be provided with the existence of that option. If possession of more evidence would strengthen the client’s case, the lawyer’s assistance may include mention of possible sources of useful evidence.

Knowledge that clients can gain by taking part in a free consultation

Get details on any special services offered by the consulted lawyer. Does the lawyer’s office ever work with clients that could use a translator? How does such a need get addressed?

How frequently does a client’s case go to trial? How frequently does a client settle during a mediation session?

Does this office/firm have ready access to medical experts? That is a question that should be asked by someone with a major or catastrophic injury. An answer to the same question could offer valuable insights to someone with a pre-existing condition.

Does this office have access to an expert at reconstruction of an accident scene? That is the sort of question that should be raised by a client that has found that not all the involved drivers have provided the police officer with the same account of what took place before, during and after the collision.

What sort of help does this office/firm offer during clients’ involvement in negotiations? To what extent can clients depend on such help, if an insurance company is pushing for a quick end to negotiations?

How often has this office/firm handled a case that involves an injured passenger on Medicare? How often has it worked with a family in which children or teens were injured? How were questions relating to the young passengers’ future addressed?