Can Safety Regulations And Truck Inspections Prevent Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are definitely rather devastating. Obviously, the reasons for this hide behind the magnitude of accident and the consequences that usually follow. This is why we are going to review the most common causes of truck accidents.
The most recent statistics show that an approximation of about 80% of fatal truck crashes as well as more than 50% of accidents which induce injuries tend to happen on the highway. The peak time is between 8:00 Am and 4:00 PM. The accidents tend to happen on weekdays, which is something that is rather obvious.
Common causes include distracted driving, driver fatigue, excessive speed, impairments caused by drugs and alcohol, maneuvers which are illegal and others of the kind. Keep in mind that trucks would usually carry loads which could actually cause an accident if they are not secured properly or if they are dislodged, shifted or overloaded. This is something to consider.
Interestingly enough, statistics tend to suggest that the drivers who are involved are commonly found not to be at fault. This is something rather interesting but it might be resulting from the law as well as the regulations which are put in place in order to improve the safety of large vehicles and operating them. Let’s have a look.

Safety Regulations

The Ministry of Transportation has enforced safety regulations which are conveniently related to trucks as well as the police officers through serious on-road inspections. Inspections that usually include assessment of the truck’s wheels and tires, brake system, steering, instruments as well as lights, signals, lamps, electrical system, couplers, hitches, power train and others of the kind.

Truck Inspection

The Highway Traffic Act, at the same time, imposes that truck operators inspect their vehicles on a regular daily basis. The main intention of these inspections would be to find as well as to fix defects which could contribute to an accident. Inspections are actually conducted according to a serious schedule and all of the actual defects need to be recorded on a report for the inspection. Both of those documents have to be carried by the truck driver – that’s what’s important.
Additionally, there are certain regulations which intend to reduce the risk of accidents caused by driver’s fatigue. With this in mind, the Motor Vehicle Transport Act says that the driver needs to have at least 10 hours off and shouldn’t drive more than 13 hours.
In any case, there are obviously a lot of regulations which are important and which need to be taken into account in order to ensure that everything is handled properly. This would potentially limit the number of accidents of the kind which should be the main goal. However, if you are involved in a trucking accident, it is best to consider seeking the expert services of an injury lawyer in Sarnia.