Potential Impact of Contributory Negligence On A Personal Injury Case

The first thing that everyone involved in a motor vehicle accident should be concerned with is their health and well-being. We often see the “blame game” start immediately after a collision has occurred between the parties involved in the accident as well as the police officers that have been sent to the scene and any witnesses that may be present. In most instances, statutory accident benefits may apply. However, if the accident was caused by another person’s or entity’s negligence, those victims that have suffered any injuries may be entitled to compensation for damages and financial losses. (more…)

Key Points To Consider When You Contact Your Insurance Company After An Accident

After an accident, contact your auto insurer and tell them about the accident. They will ask you some questions and you need to provide them with the details that they are requesting. They will then assign an insurance adjuster who will speak with you in more detail. Consider these 5 key points when the insurance adjuster asks you about the details of your accident: (more…)

Actions That Might Cause An Automobile Accident

You do not have to strain your imagination, in order to bring to mind those behaviors by a driver that might increase the likelihood of an on-road accident. Yet, you may need to think much harder, in order to envision ways that a passenger might cause a collision. Still, there are times when a passenger might be named as the party responsible for the occurrence of a car crash. (more…)

How A Roadway Might Be Responsible For An Automobile Accident?

A roadway cannot puncture a tire and cause a car accident. A roadway cannot create a wall, an object with which an automobile might collide. Still, a roadway’s lifetime is limited. The lifespan for most roads is 18 to 25 years. After that lifespan has run its course, the road begins to deteriorate. A deteriorating roadway can become a potential danger. Its existence increases the chances for an accident. (more…)