Questions Most Often Asked of Plaintiff In Car Accident Case

Before the date of a trial, the plaintiff must appear at a deposition. During that deposition, the attorney for the defendant can ask the defendant any question that might shed light on the degree to which the plaintiff’s injury has affected his or her earning power and lifestyle. The lawyer for the plaintiff can guess at many of those same questions, and can prepare his or her client for the coming deposition. (more…)

Who Is Liable To Pay For Medical Costs of Persona Injuries After An Accident?

A common question put forward to personal injury lawyers in Ontario is: Who is responsible for the costs of treatment after a car accident injury in the province? People want to know if their expenses will be covered and if they need to worry about the costs associated with getting better. Individuals are interested in knowing how the priority payments work for these treatment costs in relation to an injury connected with a vehicle accident. (more…)

When Is The Right Time To Go Back To Work After A Car Accident Injury?

Not every accident will leave their victims with permanent catastrophic injuries. Some injuries can get better sooner than others and the more serious injuries could take years. While you are recovering from your injuries, it’s not uncommon to see and feel improvement as well as regression. Continuing to follow doctor’s orders will help you stay in improvement mode. Improvements can be seen and felt as you go through rehabilitation. Regression is possible when injuries are not what they are being treated as due to partial diagnosis or the injury still needs more time. (more…)

Do Traffic Tickets Matter In A Car Accident?

When you are involved in a car accident, there is a myriad of considerations which would be accounted for throughout the entire process. This is definitely something that you need to take into serious account. The truth is that handling the insurance claims afterwards or going for a potential court claim is a challenging undertaking and you’d have to be aware of a range of different things. For instance, fault is going to be allocated towards each of the parties involved in the accident and this alone is going to have a very serious effect on the outcome. (more…)