Comparing A Benefit Claim And A Tort Claim

The terms “tort claim” and “benefit claim” may sound vaguely familiar to a resident of the United States, but the two terms hold more meaning for a resident of Canada. Both of them pertain to elements of Canadian law. According to Canadian law, each personal injury claim falls into one of two different categories.
In both a tort claim and a benefit claim, one person has claimed the right to demand a payment from some other person or some source of money. Both claims get made following the occurrence of an accident. A comparison of the procedures used by the claim-presenter uncovers another way that the two are alike. In both cases, it helps if an attorney can guide the person that has claimed the right to demand a payment.

Specifics on placement of a tort claim

This gets filed whenever another party is at fault for an accident. It provides the injured party with help for financial problems. It reimburses the injured person for pain and suffering. In addition to paying for medical expenses, tort claims compensate for loss of income. In addition, tort payments will cover the cost of training for a new job.

Specifics on claims for accident benefits

The accident benefits can go to anyone that was involved in a designated accident, regardless of who has been declared to be at fault. Hence, someone traveling over the Canadian roads should keep that fact in mind. If that traveler were to be hit by another driver, and that driver were injured, that injured driver could seek benefits from the traveler’s insurance company.
The payments are not made against a person, but against a source of money, namely the insurance company. Payments from the insurance company cover the cost of caregivers, medical treatment, help with housekeeping and funerals. Accident benefits do not ensure coverage of the costs incurred by pain and suffering. Neither do they offer any compensation for the loss of a job. However, it is important to hire the services of a personal injury lawyer in North Bay to assist you through the process.
The claims in both categories can prove difficult to file. A family that hopes to obtain the funds requested in the claim should contact a lawyer. The guidance provided by that member of the legal profession promises to aid avoidance of those pitfalls that could hamper the winning of a lawsuit.

Who should make note of the information on tort and benefit claims

Obviously, any resident of Canada needs to be aware of the two claim categories. By the same token, anyone in the United States that plans to be driving around in Canada should keep in mind the elements of Canadian law that relate to personal injuries. That information should prove valuable, if the same traveler were to be involved in an accident during his or her Canadian trip.