What Are The Factors Affecting The Value of Your Case?

There is a significant abundance of variables which go into putting a value on your injury claim. Of course, every single case is handled differently and it has specifics which need to be taken into account but there are also a few common factors which are going to occur in the majority of cases.

So, with this in mind, the following focuses on the factors which are going to positively and negatively impact the face value of your claim, making sure that it increases or lowers accordingly. Without any further ado, let’s go right ahead and take a quick look.

Factors which will affect your multiplier

A multiplier is almost always applied in order to determine the approximate amount of pain and suffering that you have gone through as a result of your injuries. With this in mind, the insurance adjuster is going to use the following factors in order to either reduce or decrease the face dollar value of your case.

Factors Which Increase The Multiplier

There are quite a lot of those, so let’s take a look.

·         Hard injuries – these stand for broken bones, joint injuries, head and spinal cord injuries, significant nerve damage and others of the kind.

·         Medical expenses which are particularly important for your treatment

·         Certified medical treatment and prescribed medication in relation to the injury

·         Long period for recovery

·         Long-term injuries

·         Physical and significant emotional distress

·         Disruptions of your daily life as a result of the injury.

As you can see, most of the aforementioned factors are usually characteristic of injuries which are significant and catastrophic. Their seriousness determines the overall gravity of the pain and, therefore, they require a larger settlement.

Factors Which Decrease The Multiplier

These are also quite a few.

·         Soft tissue damage – bruises, strains and sprains

·         A lot of the issues are for diagnosis and they aren’t for treatment

·         The treatment is carried out by providers who aren’t M.D.

·         The treatment which is required is only brief.

As you can see, the gravity of your damages is likely to impact the overall amount of the money that you will receive as compensation. This is only fair. Keep in mind that the aim of personal injury law isn’t to make you richer, it’s to make you “whole” again, hence to recover your injuries and to help you get back to your regular day to day routines. This is something that a lot of people fail to comprehend and aim to make money out of personal injury claims. In any case, hiring a professional personal injury lawyer in Collingwood, is definitely going to help you out. They have the understanding of tort laws and know how to deal with such cases. It is important to work with a legal firm that has previous success in similar cases. It is good to get the agreement signed before the case starts.