Factors That Work To Determine Settlement Value For Personal Injury Case

Some factors take the form of estimates. Others are actual numbers. Some of those numbers can get plugged into an injury damage formula.

Factors that cause the value calculated by that specific formula to be higher

• Hard injuries: This would include things like broken bones, head injuries, any joint injury, wounded vertebrae and nerve damage.
• Medical expenses: Money that was spent on a treatment. Others are payment to physician, clinic or hospital for treatment
• Medication: This includes any medicine prescribed by the doctor that has been consulted as a result of victim’s injury.Long term treatments, such as physical therapy apart from lengthy recovery
• Permanent injury, such as one that causes scars to develop: This might also include injury-related stiffness. A loss of mobility could be a consequence of a permanent injury. In many cases, it can be trauma due to physical or emotional distress
• Disruption of daily life: If the victim’s schedule calls for repeated visits to a doctor’s office or a clinic, then that would represent disruptions to daily life. It would be difficult to squeeze in time for simple but vital tasks.

Factors that can cause formula’s value to get lowered

Soft tissue injury, such as one to ligament or tendon. A majority of the victim’s medical expenses represent the cost of diagnosis as insurers do not like to pay for diagnostic procedures. Still, there are certain conditions, such as those related to a traumatic brain injury that cannot be identified until the patient has undergone exhaustive diagnostic testing procedures. Hence, utilization of this one factor can give rise to figures that fail to showcase the severity of the victim’s injuries.
Some of the conditions that are hardest to identify do not respond to a medication. For instance, a head injury could lead to development of normal pressure hydrocephalus. That gets corrected by performance of surgical procedures. This is another factor that can make it hard for lawyers to clarify the exact nature of a victim’s medical problems.
• Period used for obtaining medical treatment decidedly brief
• Victim experiences a short recovery
• No residual or permanent injury
• No physical or emotional problems

Things that can increase the size of the compensation after the formula has been applied

• No shared fault
• Victim remains calm and collected when dealing with settlement process.
• The other party is not credible or sympathetic.
• Good witnesses
• Dramatic advantage

Things that cause size of compensation to decrease after formula has been applied

It is important to have proof that victim shares some of blame. If the victim is impatient or a disorganized one, they could make repeated calls to an insurance company. Chances for that happening would decrease, if the same person had chosen to hire a lawyer. Personal injury lawyer in Collingwood can also help a client to overcome the tendency to ask about an adjuster’s progress. If the other party demonstrates sympathy or there are no witnesses for the said accident, then the average calculations are done.