Finding A Personal Injury Lawyer In Sarnia For Your Product Liability Claim

Tort liability occurs from deficiencies in any kind of product. Product liability, of course, does not cover any kind of item that is non-tangible.

In cases of product liability claims, you have to prove that the product is deficient. We are talking about any hazardous condition that might be disproportionately threatening to the consumer or to his or her properties.Basically, you have to prove that the item fails to meet certain reasonable criteria.

Learn more in this article about what product liability claims are and how a personal injury lawyer in Sarnia can help you win your case.


All parties that were mixed up in the distribution of the defective product can be at fault for any product liability claim if the party who initiates the lawsuit is capable of proving negligence. Some of the people that might be liable for the claim are manufacturers, certifiers, retailers, and installers, to name a few.


To know whether you qualify for compensation in case of injuries sustained during an accident with a defective product, check out the list below and see if you satisfy all the criteria:

1. You can qualify if the cause of the injuries you sustained was a product as it is understood by the law
2. You also need to be able to demonstrate that the product was defective, as stated above
3. You need to prove that the product presented these hazardous conditions even at the time you got it from either a manufacturer, a retailer, or someone else.
4. You have to show that the product’s defect was what caused the injuries you sustained during the accident

Types of defects

Not all types of defects can make someone liable:

• If the product included any mistake that occurred during the assembling process, then we call this a defect in manufacturing. This kind of defect can make a party liable.
• If the product’s defect occurred even before it was assembled, then it is due to a problem that occurred during the planning process. This is known as a defect in the design.
• In case that the product was mislabelled, or it did not succeed in warning consumers of any injury that the product mightbring about, then we call this a defect in marketing.

Where to get an injury lawyer in Sarnia for product liability claims

If you suffered injuries due to an accident with a defective product, and the product’s defects are the actual cause of your injuries, then you can make a product liability claim to demand compensation for your pecuniary and nonpecuniary losses.

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