Functions Performed By An Insurance Adjuster

After the victim of an accident has filed a personal injury claim, the insurance company gets to work on adjusting its offer, so that it matches with the known damages. The insurance adjuster assesses the extent of those damages.

The insurance adjuster has multiple functions.

He or she inspects the amount of damage that has resulted from a given accident. After a motor vehicle collision, the adjuster’s job involves examining the amount of damage on the victim’s car. After a storm, adjusters working for companies that sell home insurance inspect the homes that were damaged by that same storm.

A portion of an adjuster’s time gets devoted to an examination of police reports. The insurance company must determine who should be held accountable for a given accident. Sometimes one of the parties involved in the collision asks the police to make a change in that official report.

Personal injury lawyer in North Bay knows that if the police report contains mention of witnesses, the insurance adjuster tries to make contact with those same witnesses. Their statements can help with filling-in the blanks in some of the statements from the plaintiff and the defendant.

When an accident has caused extensive property damage, adjusters speak with the property owners. By the same token, if someone gets insured on a piece of property, then the property owner’s insurance company must talk with the policy holder.

After completing all those inspections, adjusters work to determine the level of liability placed on the shoulders of the person that caused the accident. That determination gets used to estimate the size of the initial offer, the one that will be quoted to the claimant.

There are 3 different types of adjusters.

A staff adjuster has been employed by the insurance company. The insurer tells the staff adjuster what project he or she must tackle.

Independent adjusters do not work for any particular company. Yet any one of them might be hired by an insurance company. If the victim of a large accident has filed a claim, the insurance company might not have all the adjusters that it needs. In that case, it would feel compelled to hire an independent adjuster.

Public adjusters get hired by various members of the public. Usually, their client is a claimant or a policy holder. A public adjuster’s figures can serve as the source of a second opinion. A second opinion can be used to confirm or deny an opinion expressed by someone else.

A public adjuster seldom makes as much money as an independent adjuster. Still, he or she does not have to answer to any company. He or she simply works to satisfy the specific needs of a given client. Both adjusters welcome a client’s or a company’s recommendation.