Who Should Get Sued Upon Launch of A Product Liability Case?

While an injured victim might share one of three types of stories, during the launching of a product liability case, that same person might uncover the existence of far more than 3 witnesses. Yet all of those witnesses would have one thing in common. Each of them could support the claim that a certain negligent adult should be held liable for the victim’s injuries.

Purpose to seeking multiple witnesses

The larger the number of witnesses produced by the plaintiff, the greater the plaintiff’s chance for enjoying a full recovery of his or her compensation. Each witness that admits to having been negligent will be expected to help with compensating the injured victim.

Questions that must be answered during search for witnesses

Who took part in the distribution of the product? Understand that any product’s distribution follows its production. In other words, only created products can be distributed to consumers.
Does the created product have different parts? A few companies have chosen to distribute an unassembled collection of parts. The customer buys those parts and assembles them on his own. Still, most companies promote a fully-assembled item. Still, a mistake might have been made by some worker that has taken part in the assembly process.
What chemicals does each specific part contain? For example, does a given toy have a part that got covered with lead-based paint? No child should be exposed to an item that contains such a covering. Hence, the maker of the lead-based paint belongs on the list of potential witnesses.
Who designed the defective product? Was it someone that works for the manufacturer or was it an outside consultant? If it was an outside consultant, does the manufacturer that hired that same consultant continue to hire outside consultants, instead of seeking someone from within the product-generating facility?
Did the manufacturer employ any quality control engineers? Such engineers must determine the ideal method for completing a thorough examination of each manufactured item. In the absence of an effective method, the existence of a defect in a given line of products might go unnoticed.

What was the role of the person that seeks out witnesses for a product liability case?

That person might have been the consumer that bought the defective item. Alternately, it could have been someone that borrowed a product without knowing that it contained a defect. By the same token, it could have been someone that got injured while another party tried using the defective item. Discuss the case with a personal injury lawyer in North Bay to get the best legal standpoint on the claim.
Any of those 3 people could include the seller, the store owner or the online retailer on their list of potential witnesses. In other words, the person doing the suing does not have to be the buyer or the user.