Guidelines For Determining Fault After Injury-Causing Accident

An accident could cause harm to one or more of the involved individuals. Any injured party would suffer damages. Who should pay for those damages?

Had someone been careless with respect to his or her location?

Following a car crash, the police would check to see if any vehicle had strayed from the part of the roadway where it belonged. Had someone tried to make a left-hand turn from a far-right lane? Had some driver traveled the wrong way on a one-way street, or driven in a lane that was meant for cyclists or buses?

In a case involving an injury on a piece of property, had the injured party strayed into a spot that had been marked-off as dangerous? Had the injured party ignored a “No Trespassing” sign?

Had the injured party been careless?

Carelessness on the part of the injured party usually concerns the failure to wear some safety gear, or safety device. For instance, a motorcycle rider might have failed to wear a helmet, or the occupant of a hit vehicle had failed to buckle his or her seat belt.

Had an employer not used a sufficient level of care, when providing an employee with instructions?

The head of a trucking company could not assume that a truck driver’s GPS system had been updated for the location to which the driver was transporting a given load. That GPS map might not match with the employer’s instructions. Hence, a confused driver might have an accident. Employers are supposed to give their employees clear instructions. Hence, their failure to do so could highlight the existence of a negligent attitude.

Had a property owner become careless and negligent with respect to a given property’s maintenance?

According to the law, property owners are supposed to ensure the safety of those that have come onto the property with legal intentions. Hence, if some dangerous object on a property were to cause harm to a visitor, the property owner could be held liable as per personal injury lawyer in Sarnia.

Had some person that was working at a manufacturing company become careless during the making of a certain product?

Someone that has planned to file a defective product liability claim must indicate the role of the careless individual.

Had the designer been negligent, when creating the design that would guide the manufacturer?

Had someone working at the plant been neglectful, with respect to the addition of a given part, or the tightening of a given screw?

Had some marketer acted in too hasty a fashion, when choosing the contents for a given product’s label?

Had that label lacked a necessary warning sign? Those are the sorts of questions that would be asked in a defective product liability claim.