How To Share Facts About Personal Injury With Insurance Company

Usually, after 2 vehicles have collided, an injured party could find it necessary to speak with the adjuster at the insurance company of the responsible driver. So, the following guidelines pertain to a meeting of that nature.

What the claimant should expect

Once an injured victim has submitted a personal injury claim, the adjuster in the defendant’s insurance company makes a point of calling the new claimant.

Sometimes an especially busy adjuster asks someone to place such a call. That fact underscores the reason that all claimants need to get the name and contact information for any person that calls from the insurance company, with questions about the accident.

Personal Injury Lawyer in North Bay is of the view that each claimant should refrain from providing the caller with a great many details about the accident, or the injuries. That information should be added to the demand letter. The caller might offer to settle with the claimant. That offer ought to be refused. At that point, it would be foolish to agree to any terms of a settlement.

Claimants that have hired a lawyer should not hesitate to ask that the insurance company put a limit on the number of calls that are made to the claimant’s phone number. The caller could be given the lawyer’s phone number. Smart claimants take notes on the facts learned during the conversation and the requests made to the adjuster/caller.

Details not shared during that first phone conversation ought to be included in a demand letter.

Give the reason that the defendant has been named as the responsible driver. Explain the basis for that decision. In the letter offer details on the nature of the accident-caused injury. Share information on the frequency and duration of the various painful sensations. Ideally, that information has been placed in some type of diary or notebook.

Provide detailed accounts of how each injury has been treated. Explain the method of treatment and the cost of that particular procedure. If the doctor has prescribed a new type of treatment, explain how a patient can benefit from utilization of that newer approach.

State the amount of income that has been lost. Also share facts about any emotional issues, or any other damages.

Close the letter with a clearly stated demand. Quote the amount of money that you hope to receive as compensation. Adjusters that do not find a demand at the end of a claimant’s initial letter might not feel motivated to present an initial bid.

Why is that so important? That fact should be noted, because the absence of an adjuster’s opening bid tends to slow the negotiation process. Obviously, most claimants want the process to proceed unheeded, so that the discussion can start to focus on settlement terms.