How To Keep Your Property Up To Safety Standards

Both the owners and occupiers are responsible for keeping their property safe to any and all legal visitors. But to be sure that your own property is up to standards, you will first need to know what constitutes as dangerous. Whether it is residential, commercial or public property, all need to be safe which means staying on top of maintenance work, using proper building materials and construction, and of course, having a secure design to begin with.

If you find yourself getting injured due to unsafe conditions on a property, you can file a personal injury lawsuit and request compensation with the help of injury lawyer in North Bay. The most common occurrence of such lawsuits are during cold seasons where slip and fall accidents grow rather widespread and can result in serious injuries. Generally, these accidents are a result of negligent property owners, who failed to remove hazardous conditions for potential visitors and workers.

What Can Make Your Property Be Considered Dangerous?

As previously mentioned, slippery surfaces are the most common hazard that leads to annual injuries, so removing puddles before they can freeze, or shoveling snow is a good way of avoiding lawsuits. It is important to ensure that you adhere to the norms of the municipality to take care of the property in front of your property.

Other risk factors include falling debris, crumbling stairs, raised flooring, exposed electrical wires, generally wet floors, unlit walkways, and obstructed pathways. However, if the property owner has been working to fix or remove any of these hazards and have records of this, then chances are they may not be held liable. If you have been injured under such circumstances, a personal injury lawyer can help you receive compensation for any medical expenses, pain or lost wages, you have been forced to deal with it as a consequence.

The Evidence You Will Have To Bring Forward

Following an injury which you have suffered as a result of dangerous conditions on a property, you will have to first and foremost prove two things:

First that the property’s occupier has not done their part of ensuring you are safe while on their property. More specifically, they did nothing to remove or fix the hazard, or warn you of it so you could steer clear of it. Second, it was that lack of action that negligence, which inevitably led to you being injured.

Get Yourself A Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer will be able to help you establish whether it truly was the property owner at fault or not, so you can be sure to file a claim with the desired outcome.