Key Points To Consider When You Contact Your Insurance Company After An Accident

After an accident, contact your auto insurer and tell them about the accident. They will ask you some questions and you need to provide them with the details that they are requesting. They will then assign an insurance adjuster who will speak with you in more detail. Consider these 5 key points when the insurance adjuster asks you about the details of your accident:

• Before speaking with the insurance adjuster, outline the details of your accident and ensure that the details will support your claim.
• All the details of the conversation that you have with the insurance adjuster will go on record and become part of your file and may be considered as part of your claim.
• Make arrangements to meet with the insurance adjuster when you are in a good state of mind and capable of having a conversation.
• Before you speak with the insurance advisor, consult your lawyer about the accident and ensure that you know all your rights before engaging in any conversations with the adjuster.
• Consider meeting with your advisor in the presence of a lawyer. Having a lawyer present will ensure that you understand your rights.

Should I ask my lawyer to help me complete the forms?

Your insurance company will ask you to complete several standard auto insurance forms. It’s recommended that you ask your lawyer to help you complete the forms so that you complete them correctly and increase your chances of the benefits being approved.

What if I’m not well enough to submit the claim and make decisions regarding my healthcare or claim?

Your family is expected to make decisions on treatment and benefits and in some cases, a court will need to appoint someone as guardian and they will make decisions on behalf of the victim.

What if I’m at fault for the car accident?

If you are considered at fault for the car accident, you are still entitled to benefits. Your insurer will request medical evidence to support your claim and requirements for treatment.

Does insurance help if I’m in a car accident that prevents me from working and taking care of day to day responsibilities such as looking after my children?

Speak with a personal injury lawyer in Sarnia who can explain the details of your policy and help you determine if your benefits include covering lost income and childcare costs. In some cases, insurance does cover these additional costs.

If an accident happens at work, should I make an insurance claim?

Consult an accident lawyer to determine what’s best in your situation, but here are 3 possible options to consider:

• Your insurance policy may include uninsured/underinsured/unidentified coverage.
• If you are residing with a family member, you might be able to apply for coverage through their policy.
• You might be in a position to apply for coverage through the government’s Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.