Know About The Nuances of Product Liability Claims

Product liability is a serious matter. The betrayal of your trust from even just a single product can lead to life altering injuries. This is why laws have been put into place in all of Canada which allow the consumer, you, to hold the company accountable for any negligence which has lead to the hazardous faults in their products.Since you are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, you will need to file a claim which will need to be settled with the company. And in order to get you a fair settlement, we have put together this guide which will better help you understand the workings of such a product liability claim.

Basics of the claim

Defects in our products can lead to injury in all consumers who trust the product and/or brand. The aftermath of a defect in manufacturing, or even design, is only made worse when the company then neglects to alert consumers via a recall. Product defects can be anything from faulty machinery, over small detachable parts on children’s toys which form a choking hazard, all the way to contamination which can lead to food poisoning or other illnesses. All of these are serious matters with potentially lethal consequences and should thus not be taken lightly.In order to build a proper case, it is best to work with a personal injury lawyer in North Bay every step of the way. They will know what evidence will need to be gathered to support your claim, and how to best present it so you can achieve your goal of reaching a fair settlement.

Understanding Product Liability Law

In Canada, there is a whole array of statutes, legislations, and laws which have been put into place to establish fairness for consumers in regards to product liability.Among these laws is a selection which force the companies to put warnings on their products which inform the consumer of any hazards or risks that may come with their new purchase, such as small parts which could be a choking hazard for children, or the containment of flammable chemicals or gasses.Thus, you are eligible to file a claim for product liability based on:

• Defective Design
• Failure to Warn
• Defects from Product Manufacturing

If such warnings are missing on a product, the consumer could sustain severe injury which the manufacturer can and should be held accountable for.In order to avoid such incidents, the labels on all products have been put under rigorous regulations, some of which in regards to the ingredients, others in regards to side-effects, and then some for the instructions which need to be provided.It is best to talk with your lawyer and understand how the complete process to claim damages would work.