How To Limit The Hazards That Can Develop At A Construction Site?

No one needs to see what is happening at a construction site, in order to realize that it could contain a wealth of hazards. The mere noises that come from a construction site make that fact obvious. Consequently, those men and women that have an interest in all workers’ safety ask this question: How can we limit the number of hazards that might develop at a place where construction workers are carrying out their job responsibilities?

What measures can be used to limit the number of such hazards?

Arrange for all employees to receive safety training. Encourage the memorization of the facts offered during the training sessions. Organize the employees into teams, and have them compete with each other, in order to see which team remembers the most safety tips.

Hold crew safety meetings. The frequency of such meetings would depend on the crew’s awareness of safety concerns. That awareness could be tested by having the sort of competition described in the preceding paragraph.

Make sure that the workers have access to protective gear. At the same time, be sure that any article of protective gear can be found in a range of sizes. What good is any item, if it does not fit the person that plans to wear it?

• Keep every work area clean.
• Keep all equipment in good working condition.
• Install fall protection system.

Study the system being used to store supplies. Does it introduce any hazard? How easy is it for the workers to access the stored supplies? And it is important to use all equipment in the manner described.

The above measures could be used by a large contractor, someone that must oversee a large project. Sometimes, a contractor hires subcontractors, who are expected to complete certain side projects.

What measure could be taken to keep a side project relatively hazard-free?

The subcontractor could be asked to write out the safety concerns for the planned project. That report ought to include information on how the concerns would be addressed. The subcontractor should feel free to mention a concern that had escaped the attention of the main contractor.

This is similar to a system that was put in place at a government laboratory. The personnel in that laboratory often worked with dangerous substances. Anyone that hoped to launch an investigation had to write a report, one that pointed out the existence of any potential hazard.

This system identified hazards, but it did not do a good job of making sure that an adequate level of safety measures had been put in place. Still if there are accidents, inform the employer and then talk with a personal injury lawyer in Collingwood, so that they can help you win the claim faster.