When A Mediator Is Needed To Resolve An Accident Claim?

Following an injury caused by another person, the one liable will need to pay for the damages suffered as a result of their actions. This is so the one injured and their loved ones will be able to go back to life before the incident. In some cases, where injuries are severe, this compensation can go up to thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Normally, cases like this end up in court, but sometimes, both parties prefer mediation.

So What Is Personal Injury Mediation?

It’s an alternate form of dispute resolution. When a case is taken to court, it can drag on for a long time and has no guaranteed success, so some people prefer mediation as an effective, as well as efficient, alternative. Here, the lawyers of both parties get to see the other side’s case and thus strengthen their own. There are municipalities where mediation is a prior condition before the case moves into court. Regardless, the mediation process doesn’t guarantee that the involved parties will reach equal ground. Hence, the case may still end up being taken to court but a settlement may be reached sooner after prior mediation.

The Role of The Mediator

They’re the impartial third party trained in mediation techniques who seeks a satisfying resolution to the other parties’ conflict. They’re allowed to utter personal opinions and provide legal counsel regarding the case. They will have a private meeting with each side before all parties get to talk as a group. All information shared in mediation is confidential and cannot be used as evidence throughout trial.

The Benefits of Mediation

Your lawyer may choose mediation to reach a settlement sooner since it will allow both sides to have a larger input on the outcome and open up communication. Since both sides need to agree to it, mediation also gives both parties a chance to lay out solutions they find acceptable and discuss them openly until mutual ground is reached. In case this doesn’t happen, it may still reach to a satisfying settlement at a sooner point in time.

The Role of The Lawyer

Your personal injury lawyer in North Bay will offer you advice on whether a settlement is reasonable and should be accepted or whether further negotiations or even taking the case to court would be the better option for you. They will also put together your case and present it in a way that highlights the medical costs, pain, and potential loss of incoming and possible long-term consequences you have, or will have, to endure as a result of the accident.Free consultation will be a great place to start if you are wondering whether you can make a valid claim following an accident-related injury.