What Is A Multiplier In A Personal Injury Claim And How Do You Qualify?

A multiplier is used in a personal injury claim as an equation for determining the amount of damages the plaintiff is eligible for. A multiplier is usually 1.5 to 5 times the amount of expenses incurred by the injured party as a direct result of the accident. Under special circumstances this number can be higher, reaching levels as much as 10 times the cost of medical expenses for the injured party. The multiplier is used to decide a base number for damages to be negotiated between the plaintiff and the defendant. These negotiations can happen in or outside the courtroom depending on the agreement of both parties.
High multipliers are rare. But, there are some key factors to look for to help you determine if your personal injury claim qualifies for a higher multiplier. To begin with, the multiplier is going to depend on the severity of your injury and the fault of the other party. If the fault lies absolutely and obviously with the other party you may qualify for a higher multiplier. Detailed medical documentation will be taken into account to determine the severity of your injury. Something that requires surgical treatment and or is irreparable is considered a factor for higher multiplier. If your injury requires rehabilitation of 6 months or more, this is another factor to take into account. If your injury is permanent, this qualifier is for a higher multiplier. Most all of these factors will require the corroboration of your physician to determine whether the needs for a higher multiplier have been met.

If you meet all of the requirements to claim a higher multiplier this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are guaranteed what you ask for. But, seeking a higher multiplier when you initially file your claim will at least leave you room for negotiations and will assure that you receive a proper amount of restitution for your injury. A legal representative will be a great asset for you in your personal injury claim. They understand the system better than you and will know how to negotiate better terms than you would otherwise. Just don’t expect to receive the amount that you asked for. A multiplier is simply a means of setting a base number to work with.

However, if you suffered a severe injury such as a broken bone, loss of limb, or permanent disablement you can at least expect to qualify for benefits over 5 times the amount of your income. These can be used to cover loss of wages, medical expenses, and anything else that you will need because of rehabilitation or permanent disability. Consult an injury lawyer in North Bay as soon as possible to find out what you might expect from your personal injury claim. They will be able to evaluate the injuries and damages and help calculate the total amount that is due to you.