Will I Need To Attend An Independent Medical Examination As Part of My Car Accident Claim?

If you have been involved in an accident and received injuries, you may be asking for compensation from the other party to help pay some of the expenses you now have thanks to your accident. The other insurance company or other party may want you to get a medical examination from a neutral doctor in order to verify that you really do have injuries. It’s not uncommon for an insurance company to require a person who is asking for compensation be checked out by a doctor other than their own. The new doctor will then confirm what your doctor has been saying and will provide the proof the insurance company has been asking for. (more…)

What To Do When Your Car Accident Injuries Don’t Show Up Immediately

Car accidents tend to be traumatic. After all, they generally are high impact and high force collisions. You can sustain major injuries even if you’ve been involved in what seems to be a minor car accident. Keep in mind that soft tissue and bone injuries can take several months to show up. That’s why it’s important that you monitor your injuries after you’ve been involved in a car accident and treat them ASAP. Your health will benefit. Personal injury lawyer in North Bay knows that tour ability to receive a larger settlement, later on, will also increase. (more…)