How Marijuana Impacts Driver’s Ability To Operate Their Vehicle Safely?

A survey conducted last year has provided us with new statistics surrounding the correlation between marijuana usage people’s ability to safely navigate public roads in their motor vehicles. From the people who took the survey, a good portion admitted to having used marijuana. And among these, nearly forty percent admitted to operation a vehicle within merely two hours of smoking said marijuana. (more…)

Debunking Common Misconceptions Surrounding The Matter of Motor Vehicle Collisions And Insurance Companies

The first steps you take after you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision are arguably the most important if you later decide to file a claim with your insurance company. Common misconceptions are the reason why many claims are later denied or settle for far less than the claimant would otherwise have been awarded. In order to prevent such issues from occurring in your future, we have gathered some of the most common misconception surrounding motor vehicle collisions that have taken place in Ontario and debunked them. (more…)

Personal Injury Lawsuits And Motion Procedures

A motion is described as a court procedure, or application to the courts by a lawyer to obtain a court order from a judge or court master. A court master is a court official that has been appointed in some civil matters to hear and make a decision regarding a motion and decide who will pay associated motion costs. Court masters can hear a motion in weeks compared to waiting months for a judge to hear a motion. The party referred to as the moving party as they initiated the motion and the responding party is the person or party the motion is directed toward. (more…)

How The Eye Can Signal The Presence of A Concussion?

Adults tend to note the development of eye problems. An adult that has been in an accident should have a sense for the sorts of messages sent by such a problem. A child that has been in an accident might not have that same awareness of what to watch for. Hence, the child’s parents must learn how the eye can signal the presence of a concussion. (more…)

What Drivers Should Know About Right-of-Way Rules

Most drivers want to avoid a collision. That fact highlights the reason why the same drivers ought to become familiar with all the right-of-way rules. A driver’s readiness to obey such rules helps to lower the chances that the same person might one day get involved in an on-road collision. And then they seek out the services of a personal injury lawyer in Collingwood in filing a claim for compensation. (more…)