How Parents Should Deal With Problems When Child Passenger Gets Injured In Car Accident

The first words of guidance given to a parent that must deal with an injured young passenger, in the minutes after a car accident, are these: Stay calm. Further advice would include statements such as this: Keep the child assured that all will be alright.

Some other words of guidance

Check on the child’s condition and try to communicate with the young passenger.Such advice should prove helpful, but it fails to include mention of one vital action that the same parent must take. After assuring their child that he or she would be alright, both parents should act to make sure that everything appears to be OK.

How can parents act to be sure that everything appears OK?

Watch for possible symptoms that something might be wrong. Some conditions, such as a concussion or a traumatic brain injury have late-appearing symptoms. Moreover, some of those symptoms are quite mild.

For instance, the injured child might complain of headaches. Parents must fight the urge to link the headaches to some simple and seemingly mundane problem, such as stress. They could be a sign that the son or daughter suffered a serious injury.

The parents should also let the pediatrician know what happened. Otherwise, the child might later have an unexplained and unexpected symptom, such as a dizzy spell. If the pediatrician did not know about the accident, he would have no reason to see the dizzy spell as evidence of an injury that had been sustained at the time of the accident. Finally, the parents ought to hire a personal injury lawyer in North Bay.

How an attorney can be of help?

Arrange for the scheduling of the appropriate diagnostic tests. If the parents do not want their son or daughter to undergo a CT scan, the lawyer could search for a facility that would be able to complete a Black Bone MRI. Work for obtaining a fair compensation. Get the insurer to recognize the additional damage, namely the loss of future earnings for the child, once he or she becomes a member of the labor force.

Contacting and consulting with an expert. A good lawyer would probably reach out to a pediatric neurologist, especially if the child’s head had been shaken in any way. A pediatric neurologist could explain what type of disorder might develop, as the result of a concussion or a traumatic brain injury, if the MRI suggested the presence of that sort of medical problem.

Help the parents see that the defendant should offer them financial help, so that their child can be assured of a full and useful life. That can only be possible if the child’s condition gets diagnosed and treated properly, with the defendant’s insurance company covering the all costs.