When Is The Right Time To Go Back To Work After A Car Accident Injury?

Not every accident will leave their victims with permanent catastrophic injuries. Some injuries can get better sooner than others and the more serious injuries could take years. While you are recovering from your injuries, it’s not uncommon to see and feel improvement as well as regression. Continuing to follow doctor’s orders will help you stay in improvement mode. Improvements can be seen and felt as you go through rehabilitation. Regression is possible when injuries are not what they are being treated as due to partial diagnosis or the injury still needs more time.
During the times of recovery, a personal injury claimant can return back to work and function as they did prior to the accident. However, many people are left with uncertainty and wonder if they really are well enough to go back to work. You may ask yourself questions, such as:
1. If I go back to work, will this affect my personal injury claim? How will the insurance companies see me if I’m able to function at my job?
2. I still have my injuries but I need money coming in. Should I consider going back to work? It could make my injuries worse.
3. I have good days and I have bad days. I need to return to work but I can’t do my job now like I could before. Should I at least try?
4. What would happen if I go back to work and then my injury gets worse? Will it affect my claim if the injuries end up worse?
5. If I have given it a try and I am unable to work, will the insurance company deny my claim?
6. I’m getting better but I know I won’t be able to go back and handle my job. Will the insurance company deny me?
7. I’m injured but I am self-employed. If I don’t go back to work now, I will lose what business I have already established.
These are concerns that everyone who has been in a car accident goes through at some point. Every situation is different so it’s hard to determine how the insurance company will view your case and if any of these factors will play a role in it.Since every job is different, every job demand is also different. So you can’t predict how you will get along at work post-accident until you do it. While some injuries can heal up within a certain amount of time, others cannot and need extra time to heal. Going back too soon could delay your healing.
You should first ask your doctors as well as your therapists about working to determine if you are able to go back when you want to. They may want you to wait a little longer or they may tell you to go ahead and try it. They only want what’s best for you. Whether you go back to work or not, you have so many different hurdles to go over before you can walk in and do your job prior to your injury. Injuries don’t heal overnight and it’s hard to determine when they will heal. Always talk to your doctor and your lawyer.