The Value of Footage From Dash Cam As Presented In Courtroom

When the claim made by a car accident victim gets presented in a courtroom, the availability of visual evidence becomes exceedingly important. Hence, a plaintiff’s possession of video footage from a dash cam can strengthen a lawyer’s stated argument. It can show what the defendant was doing before the crash.

What taped actions weaken the argument made by the defense team?

Film taken of the defendant speeding, during the moments that preceded the collision. It would be difficult to identify any act of negligence, other than drunk driving, that might demonstrate an absence of care for others, as much as the act of speeding.

Footage that showcases the degree to which the defendant’s attention had not been focused on the road, prior to the crash. For example, it could show that the defendant ‘s attention had been focused on a cell phone, on lighting a cigarette, on adjusting the car’s radio or maybe even on eating some take-out food.

Video that highlights the way that the defendant’s driving mimicked the erratic pattern exhibited by a driver that is under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.

Other courtroom situations in which footage from a dash cam can prove useful

A car gets vandalized or stolen: Pictures of the perpetrator, which had come from the dash cam, would be damning evidence. Yes, that evidence would be inside of the stolen vehicle. Still, law enforcement puts lots of effort into finding such vehicles, in hopes of learning more about what motivates commission of such a crime.

A segment of footage that captures an incident or road rage. The person that exhibits such behavior has demonstrated an act of negligence. If the same accuser later blamed another driver for causing an accident, that same driver could use the video footage to throw cold water on the accuser’s case.

Material to support or deny the argument made by a driver that collided with another vehicle at an intersection. Help with answering this question: Should the defendant have stopped at the intersection? The video’s ability to capture the needed footage saves the court from dependence on two opposing statements.

Can pictures taken with a dash cam be posted online?

Accident victims that love to visit different social media networks have been known to ask that question. The answer is “yes,” those pictures can be posted online, providing that the posted content does not violate anybody’s privacy. That means that it must be free of one particular feature.

What is that feature? It is audio that contains a certain type of conversation. None of the posted pictures should be accompanied by audio that contains a private conversation. The law prohibits the posting of such material.