What Do Lawyers Consider Before Taking A Personal Injury Case?

When personal injury lawyers meet with a potential client, that consultation provides the attorney with a chance to learn about the possible client’s case. By learning about that specific case, the consulted attorney can determine whether or not to agree to take-on the claims that reflect a dispute between 2 parties.

What considerations might cause a lawyer to refuse a case?

It could be that the deadline has passed for filing a personal injury claim. In other words, too much time has passed since the date of the accident that caused the potential client’s injury.

The client’s reasons for hoping to move forward with the legal process for solving a dispute might cause the consulted attorney to feel a bit uncomfortable. Lawyers do not like to work with clients that admit to the fact that their actions demonstrate a desire to seek some sort of revenge on the guilty party.

The consulted lawyer might not specialize in the area of personal injury law that relates to the issues surrounding the potential client’s allegations against the defendant. An attorney that normally worked with victims of a car crash would not want to handle the problems that could come up during an effort to seek compensation for the victim of a tort or a dog bite incident. It could be that the possible client faces allegations about his or her contribution to the severity of the reported injury, or to the occurrence of the reported accident.

An injured victim’s failure to seek medical help as soon as possible could push a lawyer to decide against handling the case, the one that stemmed from the injury-causing accident. The size of the lawyer’s office might be a consideration. Lawyers with a small office and a limited staff usually feel reluctant to try handling any of the larger and more complex cases.

What actions on the part of a possible customer/client could push a lawyer to add to his or her caseload?

If the person that had scheduled a consultation appeared quite organized, then that could encourage a Personal Injury Lawyer in North Bay to say “yes,” after being asked to handle the issues surrounding the dispute that involved that highly organized individual. Sometimes lawyers meet with someone that appears to be the ideal plaintiff. That ideal plaintiff has modest expectations. In other words, he or she does not expect to win a huge pot of money.

By the same token, that apparently ideal plaintiff does not intend to make unreasonable demands on any hired lawyer. An unreasonable demand would be one that sought the lawyer’s performance of tasks that lawyers do not normally execute, or one that forced the lawyer’s execution of tasks in an unrealistic fashion.