What Factors Contribute To Determination of Liability Under Premises Liability Law?

Both property owners and non-owners residing at a given address have an obligation to maintain a safe environment. A section of the law that concerns premises liability makes those same individuals liable for an injury that has resulted from an accident on their property, or on the location of their residence, as per Personal Injury Lawyer in Sarnia.

Some states focus on the status of any visitor

An invitee has the right to assume that the host has taken certain steps, in order to make the visited location safe.

A licensee can come onto the property at the owner’s consent. He or she has not been promised that reasonable care was given to that same property.

A social guest is a welcome visitor. He or she has the right to make the same assumptions as an invitee.

A trespasser is not welcome. The property’s owner has no reason to be concerned about caring for an area where trespasser has ventured.

In other states the principle focus of any premises liability laws is the condition of the location of interest.

• How was that same location being used, at the time of a reported injury?
• What was the foreseeability of the reported accident?
• Had the owner made a reasonable effort to fix any dangerous condition?
• If unable to fix that condition, had the owner exercised a reasonable effort, in order to warn any visitor about the recognized danger?

A property’s condition would not get considered, if a trespasser were to try holding someone liable for any injury suffered, while that same intruder had been on the dangerous section of land, or inside of a dangerous structure.

Defenses made to a charge about breaking a premises liability law.

The primary defenses focus on the duty required of any visitor. Had he or she ventured onto a spot that had been cordoned off from other sections of a given site?

Had he or she exercised reasonable care, when stepping onto the site where the accident took place?

–Had that care included the step of using the most suitable pair of shoes?
–Had that care included the precaution of watching to see what was in front of the feet, instead of seeking to see what was in the visited location?
–Had that care included the act of reading any signs that had been posted?

Visitors are expected to demonstrate a marked amount of care. Those that have failed to be careful, before suffering an injury, should expect to receive a lower compensation. In a few states, the same person could find that the court would refuse to demand that a payout be made to the injured party. Those same states would operate on a contributory negligence principle.