What Happens If An Uber Or Lyft Driver Hits My Car?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if ride share driver hits your car? When an accident occurs, you want the paperwork to be as simple and easy as possible. It can sometimes be very difficult to make out liability and ways to file a claim knowing what you know.

After an Accident

After an accident occurs, you will want to find out who is responsible. The fact is, no matter who crashes into your car, your response should be the same. The proper procedure includes:

Stay on scene and stay calm. Someone will need to call 911 in order to file a police report and to give medical attention to anyone injured. A police report will need to be filed in order to report the accident to the insurance companies.

Use your phone to take photos or to take a video of the scene. Be sure to zoom in on the vehicles, license plates, damage done to the vehicles, any property damage done, and the injuries you received. Gather up all the information about the other driver. Also gather up contact information from any witnesses you see around the accident.

If you have been injured, seek medical treatment. Even if your injuries don’t seem to be bad, you still want to be seen by a doctor. Medical records after an accident occurs are going to be vital to your case if you need to seek compensation for your injuries. Contact the auto insurance company you are with to report your accident.

How To Pin Liability In Case rental car driver causes an accident?

Uber companies and Lyft companies require that their drivers carry auto insurance as well as liability insurance. Lyft/ Uber and companies themselves are liable for the accident only in certain scenarios.

When is the ride share driver responsible?

If an accident occurs when the Lyft/Uber app is switched off, then that driver is not on duty for the company, as per personal injury lawyer in North Bay. The company does not take responsibility and the driver’s insurance company will need to take on the liability for any damages.

If a Lyft/Uber driver crashes into you and they were available for taking passengers and their app is on, but you did not accept a ride yet, then their personal insurance is going to be responsible for any damages. In addition, Uber or Lyft may also be liable as well under the” contingent” liability coverage.

When the app is on for Lyft/Uber, the ride share driver is accepting passengers or has a customer already in the ar. The ride share companies have a one-million-dollar insurance policy that has accident cover for the passengers till they are inside the vehicle. However, Uber and Lyft avoid liability for any accidents by contracting their drivers instead of making them employees.