Will Injury Lawyer Discuss Life-Altering Nature of A Spinal Cord Injury?

A description of the intact spinal cord in a healthy and unharmed person offers a hint of what can happen when someone must deal with a disruption to the cord’s functions. The person that must deal with such disruptions can become depressed or angry. The same person must learn to use those faculties that still work properly.

Features of intact spinal cord

• It is safely encased in a protective covering, the tissues of the spinal column.
• Nerves grouped together in a bundle, like the bundle of wires in an electrical cord.
• The bundled nerves control a large range of functions.

Functions controlled by the spinal cord

• Breathing
• Walking
• Movement
• Touching/Feeling different sensations
• Sight
• Speech

The consequences of damage to the bundle of nerves that control those functions including no signals pass along damaged nerves and so no signals going to brain. As the brain cannot send a signal, it cannot trigger performance of the expected function. Thus, both voluntary and involuntary movements (reflexes) can get affected. Hence the person with a damaged cord might be unable to sense and respond to pain, or to excessively high or low temperatures.

Situations known to increase the likelihood of the cord’s disrupted condition:

• Collision of 2 or more motor vehicles (Could involve single vehicle, if it is being driven at an exceedingly high rate of speed.)
• Diving accident; dive made into shallow water
• Injury suffered during participation in a sporting event
• Sudden and unexpected fall
• Victim has been assaulted

Indications that such a situation has added to the instances of cord-related disruptions

• Victim has trouble breathing.
• Victim has trouble walking.
• Victim’s complaints make reference to numbness in the extremities.
• Non-functioning section of victim’s body has become paralyzed. Location of cord’s damage determines what limbs will become paralyzed.

Costs that should be covered in any compensation package:

Loss of existing earning potential; someone with a life-altering disorder lacks the ability to satisfy the demands of a previous job. With it comes loss of future earning potential. A handicapped job applicant must put more effort into training for and finding a job. Such an applicant might have some “holes” in a resume, due to times when same applicant had been unable to work. The cost of medical care during time in hospital, and care provided by physician. Most of the money is spent on rehabilitation facilities or on occupational therapy; expense of traveling to such facilities. That is why it helps to have a good injury lawyer in North Bay helping you file the claim for damages.

Money spent on special equipment, including changes in the home, in order to accommodate the presence of someone in a wheel chair. It would also take into consideration any need to purchase a new vehicle, such as a van. The patient is given salary paid to any attendee in the home or anyone that performs different housekeeping chores, as the victim’s inability to enjoy his or her former lifestyle.