What To Do After You’ve Been Involved In A Car Accident?

There are quite a lot of things that you might want to consider, if you’ve been involved in a car accident. As a matter of fact, there are a few critical steps that would guarantee you get the remedies that you deserve, without any issues or at least, without the excessive hurdles which are usually accompanying such situations.
Step 1: Stop. If your vehicle has been involved in any type of car accident and you don’t stop, you could easily be subjected to criminal prosecution which is far more serious than a regular civil lawsuit. Keep this in mind.
Step 2: Call emergency services. This is in case the damages on the vehicles appear to be more than $1000 or if there is someone injured. However, if the amount of damages on the vehicle appears to be less than $1000 and there are no seriously injured people, you ought to call the local police department for further instruction. You are likely to get a number for your accident that you have to communicate with your insurer. This is the most common scenario and it involves the majority of car collisions in the country.
Step 3: Move your vehicle to the side of the road in order to prevent any traffic impairment. However, keep in mind that you should only do this if you it is safe! If the vehicle can’t be driven, turn on the hazard lights and use signaling cones.
Step 4: Write down the names as well as the contact information of all the drivers who have been involved in the accident. The same goes for their license plates and everything that you could possibly use to identify them later on.
Step 5: Get the names as well as the contact information of all the witnesses that you can see.
Step 6: Take a picture or memorize specific details of the scene of the accident. You can use the accident worksheet which will be provided by the insurer.
Step 7: Report it to your insurance company, agent or broker. This has to happen within 7 days of the accident and it’s something that you ought to take into account. If you fail to do it within the first seven days, make sure to do it as quickly as you can after that because if you fail to, your claim may be left without regard. This is something which would cost you quite a lot as you would have to pay for the damages out of your pocket.These are the things that are urgent and have to be done immediately after you have been involved in an accident of the kind. That is why look for a good lawyer that can take care of all your legal requirements. They understand the nuances of tort laws and can understand the need to settle the claim quickly.