Modifications In OSDP For Benefiting The Accident Victims

If all the insurers had their way, there would be lots of eligibility rules for anyone that hoped to get compensated for a personal injury. Fortunately, those same insurers cannot find a way to restrict payments to all of the company’s policy holders. Still, there are times when an awarded claimant faces certain obstacles. With the changes to the Ontario Disability Support Program, things have become better for the accidental injury claimants. (more…)

Is There A Duty To Warn By Manufacturers In Medical Liability Claims?

Whenever the court tries to decide who might be held liable for a given injury, it seeks to determine the extent to which the responsible party had been saddled with a specific duty of care. In the eyes of the law, any adult has been given a duty of care towards the other members of society. Adults that fail to exercise their duties have become negligent, and can be held liable for a given injury. (more…)