Is A Landlord Responsible For Injuries To Passing Hikers And Visiting Campers?

Any residents of Ontario that try to answer the question in this article’s title can find some clues in Ontario’s Occupiers’ Liability Act. Invited hikers and campers should get protection from the landowner assuming that the landowner has invited them to venture onto a specific section of the privately-held land. On the other hand, trespassers remain unprotected. (more…)

What Drivers Should Know About Right-of-Way Rules

Most drivers want to avoid a collision. That fact highlights the reason why the same drivers ought to become familiar with all the right-of-way rules. A driver’s readiness to obey such rules helps to lower the chances that the same person might one day get involved in an on-road collision. And then they seek out the services of a personal injury lawyer in Collingwood in filing a claim for compensation. (more…)