When A Mediator Is Needed To Resolve An Accident Claim?

Following an injury caused by another person, the one liable will need to pay for the damages suffered as a result of their actions. This is so the one injured and their loved ones will be able to go back to life before the incident. In some cases, where injuries are severe, this compensation can go up to thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Normally, cases like this end up in court, but sometimes, both parties prefer mediation. (more…)

Different Steps of Ontario Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you found yourself involved in an accident in the province of Ontario, you will now need to take certain steps until you can file your personal injury lawsuit. This lawsuit will serve as proof to your insurance company that you are serious about seeking compensation. A personal injury can help you throughout this process and ensure you receive your deserved compensation. To further ease the process, we’ve compiled a guide that’ll help you understand what this path toward your lawsuit will entail: (more…)

A Tort Claim Explained

A recent accident resulting you getting injured may have brought the term “tort claim” into your life. But what is it? In common words, it refers to compensation a person may seek after they got injured by another. The “tort” in this is referring to the event in which the person got injured. (more…)