Learning To Avoid The Most Commonly Made Mistakes When Applying For Disability Benefits

If you have fallen ill or been injured severely enough to be made incapable of completing major work-related tasks, then you may be in a position in which you require disability coverage in order to financially support yourself. A significant part of Canadians will rely on such benefits at one point or another throughout their life. When it comes to long-term disability benefits, some employees will be able to access them via their employer, while others are required to purchase their coverage themselves. You might want to talk with a lawyer to know more about your custom case for more information. (more…)

Is It Time To Make Bike Helmets Obligatory For All Cyclists?

It has been found that less and less Canadians cycle on the regular despite its many proven benefits to the overall health of a person. Additionally, it has also been found that areas with many cyclists experience less motor vehicle and cyclist collisions, in comparison to areas with less cyclists. This is likely because drivers in an area with more cyclists are used to being more cautious of cyclists, and because the cyclists in these areas are also provided with their own designated infrastructure. (more…)

How Marijuana Impacts Driver’s Ability To Operate Their Vehicle Safely?

A survey conducted last year has provided us with new statistics surrounding the correlation between marijuana usage people’s ability to safely navigate public roads in their motor vehicles. From the people who took the survey, a good portion admitted to having used marijuana. And among these, nearly forty percent admitted to operation a vehicle within merely two hours of smoking said marijuana. (more…)

Debunking Common Misconceptions Surrounding The Matter of Motor Vehicle Collisions And Insurance Companies

The first steps you take after you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision are arguably the most important if you later decide to file a claim with your insurance company. Common misconceptions are the reason why many claims are later denied or settle for far less than the claimant would otherwise have been awarded. In order to prevent such issues from occurring in your future, we have gathered some of the most common misconception surrounding motor vehicle collisions that have taken place in Ontario and debunked them. (more…)