Who Is Responsible For A Dog Bite?

No dog owner likes to think of their beloved puppy hurting someone, especially not a child, friend or family member. However, these attacks happen and when they do, it is important to understand who will be held liable. The biggest factor will be where it happened, since laws vary between countries and even provinces. For example, there are areas which have a one-bite rule, in which it is stated that the owner will not be held accountable if the dog has hurt someone for the first time. However, this means that, if the dog is known to pose a threat, the owner will be held fully responsible. (more…)

How To Keep Your Property Up To Safety Standards

Both the owners and occupiers are responsible for keeping their property safe to any and all legal visitors. But to be sure that your own property is up to standards, you will first need to know what constitutes as dangerous. Whether it is residential, commercial or public property, all need to be safe which means staying on top of maintenance work, using proper building materials and construction, and of course, having a secure design to begin with. (more…)

Basis of A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

All health care professionals can be the perpetrators of medical malpractice, but not all unsuccessful surgeries or unfortunate deaths are automatically a result of medical malpractice. For a lawsuit of this kind to be successful, it has to be clear that the health care professional’s negligence or lack of care led to the injury or death. (more…)