Understanding Negligent Supervision Leading To Injury Claims

For the majority of the year, parents across the globe give their children into the care of schools and day care facilities for five days a week, and several hours of each of those days. And the children don’t always stay on school grounds, sometimes they are also taken out on field trips.

Obviously, this is a necessity so children can learn, gain new experiences, and form relationships with other kids their age. And of course, this also gives parents a chance to work part-time or use the few hours without children to get household chores done. Throughout this time, schools and day care facilities are legally obligated to keep the children safe. However, that doesn’t mean children won’t still get injured sometimes. So what happens, if a child gets hurt at school or day care? Below, you will find out.

Adequate Supervision

Depending on the context, adequate supervision can take on various different meanings. Since each child requires a different level of supervision to ensure the safety of the entire group, the law has never detailed what exactly counts as adequate. It is a very situation-based law. However, there are factors that you can look at that will give you an idea.

Age: There are obviously quite a few situations in which a younger child requires more supervision than an older child. For example, you can generally trust a fifteen year old not to walk too close to the road while on a field trip, whereas a six year old may not be paying too much attention to traffic.

Level of Experience: When it comes to introducing new concepts and ideas to a group, there might often be one or two kids who are already familiar with it and thus need less supervision compared to the rest of the group.

Activity: A class that is sitting in the class room and doing work sheets will generally need less supervision than a class out on a field trip.

Outside Factors: The staff of the school or day care facility has an obligation to not just supervise the children themselves, but also to supervise the environments. Clearly, this is easier to achieve in a class room than it is on a playground or out on a field trip which is often the reason why more than one staff member tags along to supervise the group during outside activities.

If there are any issues or accidents, due to negligent supervision, you need to discuss your requirements with the injury lawyer in Collingwood. They will explain the complete processes and help you file a claim for damages.