Personal Injury Lawsuits And Motion Procedures

A motion is described as a court procedure, or application to the courts by a lawyer to obtain a court order from a judge or court master. A court master is a court official that has been appointed in some civil matters to hear and make a decision regarding a motion and decide who will pay associated motion costs. Court masters can hear a motion in weeks compared to waiting months for a judge to hear a motion. The party referred to as the moving party as they initiated the motion and the responding party is the person or party the motion is directed toward. (more…)

How The Eye Can Signal The Presence of A Concussion?

Adults tend to note the development of eye problems. An adult that has been in an accident should have a sense for the sorts of messages sent by such a problem. A child that has been in an accident might not have that same awareness of what to watch for. Hence, the child’s parents must learn how the eye can signal the presence of a concussion. (more…)