Obtaining Compensation In Case of Spinal Cord Injuries

One of the most severe injuries sustained is injury to the spinal cord, and not just in terms of financial impact, but also in terms of physical and emotional impact on both the victim and their loved ones. However, even if we look at the financial impact alone, we are already looking at a total of roughly $2.67 billion dollars in Canada.Because of this, the vast majority of victims who sustained their injuries as the result of somebody else’s negligence, choose to pursue a lawsuit in order to seek compensation from the party legally held liable. (more…)

Know About The Nuances of Product Liability Claims

Product liability is a serious matter. The betrayal of your trust from even just a single product can lead to life altering injuries. This is why laws have been put into place in all of Canada which allow the consumer, you, to hold the company accountable for any negligence which has lead to the hazardous faults in their products.Since you are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, you will need to file a claim which will need to be settled with the company. And in order to get you a fair settlement, we have put together this guide which will better help you understand the workings of such a product liability claim. (more…)

How To Take Legal Action When An Incident At School Leaves Your Child Injury

No matter the size of a school, the entire staff will always have a tough time keeping track of all children at all times. While parents rightfully entrust the safety of their children with the school’s staff, accidents are still bound to happen time and again. In the aftermath of this, medical attention will be needed and the recovery process will begin. However, when it comes to more serious injuries, parents will oftentimes start to think about which legal action they can take, and who to take it against. (more…)

Have Changes In Ontario Insurance Law Left Citizens Under-Insured?

Seven years ago, changes to the insurance laws were implemented which went overlooked by up to a fourth of motorists across the province. These changes reduced the general benefits for all drivers, while leaving them the option to make additional purchases for extra coverage if they so wished to do. However, due to the lack of awareness raised around these matters, only about seven percent of motorists actually opted for purchasing extended liability insurance, and a meager six percent chose to invest in additional medical coverage. (more…)