Best Way To Report An Auto Accident

Some accidents are so small that drivers often make a habit of calling them “fender benders.” On the other hand, a given accident could trigger such a pile-up of traffic that members of the media would be drawn to the scene of that same collision. For that reason, anyone that spends a good deal of time driving from one spot to the next should know who to call and when to make that same call, at the time of an on-road collision. (more…)

How Can An Accident Victim Maximize The Amount of Compensation?

As a result of the efforts made by various nonprofit organizations, members of the public enjoy access to information on how to avoid accidents. Yet those same men and women do not receive much guidance, concerning what to do at the scene of an accident, as well as in the period that follows such a disruptive occurrence. This article seeks to correct that mistaken approach to what could become a time-consuming and emotionally draining problem. (more…)

How To Establish A Defense In A Dog Bite Lawsuit

As any lawsuit makes its way through the legal system, the opposing lawyers will face specific challenges. During the scheduled hearings of a personal injury case, the lawyer for the plaintiff seems to face the most challenging problems. In sharp contrast to that situation, the personal injury lawyer in Sarnia for a dog owner seems to have the toughest hill to climb, when aiding that same defendant in a dog bite lawsuit. (more…)

Actions To Take Following Workplace Injury

Normally, when a company has provided its employees with access to a health insurance plan, it will work with any employee that needs to find medical treatment for a family member. Still, there could come a time when that same employer would show no interest in getting medical care for the worker that has previously received some assistance. Indeed, that would be the case if that particular worker suffered an on-the-job injury. (more…)

Why You Must Monitor Your Injuries After An Accident

If you are involved in a collision that seems to be just a shade more serious than a fender-bender, then you may suffer only minor injuries. Still, you should not ignore any such injury; in fact, you should make a point of watching how well it heals. In other words, you need to monitor all of the injuries that you suffered as a result of that accident.
The biology of an injury that resulted from an automobile accident (more…)