Best Way To Report An Auto Accident

Some accidents are so small that drivers often make a habit of calling them “fender benders.” On the other hand, a given accident could trigger such a pile-up of traffic that members of the media would be drawn to the scene of that same collision. For that reason, anyone that spends a good deal of time driving from one spot to the next should know who to call and when to make that same call, at the time of an on-road collision.

There are times when someone must call for emergency services

If the collision has caused someone to suffer a serious injury, then someone has to make the necessary emergency call. The injured man or woman needs to be taken to a hospital. Yet the nature of the injury will keep that same person from driving to that same location. Consequently those that are standing ready to provide emergency services must be contacted
If a greater tragedy has taken place, and someone has died then an emergency call must be made. Such a call can ensure arrival of police ad first responders that are ready to offer the sort of service that no one likes to request. If one of the drivers appears to have violated a section of the criminal code, then a call for emergency services needs to be made. The most obvious example of such a time was mentioned earlier. It would probably be preceded by discovery of evidence that some driver had chosen to commit a DUI.

There are non-emergency situations in which the police must be contacted

If the accident has damaged some vehicle so badly that it needs to be towed to the proper location, then the police must be contacted. In that way, arrangements can be made for both the damaged vehicle and the vehicle’s driver. If a driver or passengers from the damaged vehicle want to go to a medical facility, arrangements can be made for their transportation to that same location.
An injured victim should seek both proof of insurance and the driver’s license from the person that appears to be at fault. The victim needs to be documenting the event that has just taken place. Of course, any efforts at such documentation will be impeded if the at fault driver lacks the required papers/documents. If the person that has sought the proof of insurance and the driver’s license, and has not been shown those same items, then that same person should call the police. A failure to do so could weaken a victim’s case. In a court of law, an Injury Lawyer in North Bay for the “at fault” driver would ask to know why the police were not contacted.
Even in a non-emergency situation, those involved in an accident should not ignore any sign that a given driver appears to be intoxicated. Those that have observed evidence of that particular fact ought to make a point of calling the police.