Could You Handle A Personal Injury Claim On Your Own?

How badly did the things that happened to you during the accident harm you? Did any of those same things do damage to some of your property? If so, how much damage?

An accident victim that has not suffered severe injuries, and one that has not become the owner of lots of damaged property might want to think about pursuing a personal injury claim without relying on a lawyer’s guidance.

Benefits enjoyed by those that choose to handle a case on their own.

Such claimants make good use of their elementary skills. They just have to schedule some extra time for making phone calls. In addition, some of their time must be spent writing letters. If a claimant’s money does not have to go to a lawyer, then he or she tends to have more control over what gets decided, regarding his or her case. That could be a real benefit, if the claimant’s knowledge of personal injury law would encourage the making of wise decisions.

Facts to keep in mind, if reluctant to dispense with an attorney

Adjusters have no legal training. A claimant’s understanding of a given claim might come close to equaling that of an adjuster.

Adjusters have no medical training. An injured claimant might learn far more about his or her condition than the adjuster could learn by studying the claimant’s medical records.Someone that has been affected by an accident understands what took place during that accidental occurrence. Of course, some of those affected by an accident do have strong opinions, regarding the subject of liability. That is why the occupants of a driver’s vehicle do not always make the best witnesses.

Sometimes, too, the damage caused by an accident could call into question the account of a victim. Adjusters are well aware of that fact. Following a small collision, adjusters know how to let the damage have the final say, regarding the issue of liability.

An injured victim knows best just how much pain he or she has had to endure, after sustaining a given injury. A good personal injury lawyer would agree with that statement. That same attorney might ask a client to keep a journal, and record the frequency for instances of pain, along with the duration of each.

Of course, a claimant that lacked a lawyer could also keep such a journal. In fact, the notes in that journal would have more meaning to the journal’s maker than the same notes would have for any personal injury lawyer in North Bay.

Consider the implications of that statement. It makes it rather clear that there are times when someone that has filed a personal injury claim could probably handle that same case without a lawyer’s help.