Who Is At Fault When It Comes To Car Accidents?

The unfortunate truth is that the country of Canada sees quite a lot of car accidents on a daily basis. Ontario is absolutely no exception from this. Of course, as the accident happens, any insurance claim or any personal injury case is likely to raise the matter of who’s the driver who is at fault. This is definitely something to take into consideration. However, finding the right answer when it comes to it has never been so easy.

There is, nevertheless, one thing that you need to take into very serious consideration. This is a very interesting and characteristic thing that you would certainly have to take into very serious consideration when it comes to it – it’s the famous “no fault” rule of Ontario as well as other provinces in Canada and in a lot of other jurisdictions throughout the world and in quite a few states as well.

Why Is The “No Fault” Rule So Important?

Well, the easiest answer to this question, even though there is usually no such thing, is that this particular rule strips down and shaves off the legal necessity of proving fault at the preliminary stage of the claim or case. That’s right – the drivers don’t have to be burdened with identifying and assessing fault as this is not something that’s required for the compensation. The law governs that the driver who is carrying his insurance can claim the damages directly under it without having to burden himself with proving the actual fault. This is something very important and it needs to be taken under very serious consideration.

It is important to understand that this doesn’t really matter that fault is irrelevant. It’s just not that important for the compensation at the initial preliminary stage. If the accident victim wants to claim something which is not covered by his actual insurance, he would have to go for it through the regular way after establishing that he has all the rights and merits to do so in a lawsuit. This is where the assignment of fault is something critical and this is where it still has its importance. You need to talk with your lawyer to discuss the specific case, so that they can give you the right advice. It is important that you can find the right lawyer to represent your rights.

Is It Beneficial?

Well, as you can figure it out – that’s not an easy question to answer. It’s intended to be particularly beneficial but in reality the insurance claims have become particularly lengthy, which is something quite unnecessary. This is the main reason for which it takes quite a lot of time to get an entire case settled and it could be truly burdensome if you are relying on that money to get back on with your regular life – it’s definitely stressful.