Know The Legal Requirements For Reporting A Car Accident In Ontario

Unless you do not mind paying a huge fee, be sure to remain at the accident scene, until police have arrived, if police officers have been called.

When is it necessary to contact the police?

• Whenever any driver or passenger was injured.
• Whenever the amount of damage has exceeded $2,000.
• If one of the drivers was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
• If the driver has committed a crime.
• If a pedestrian was hit.
• If the owner of the damaged property is not present.
• Whenever a government vehicle was involved in the accident.
• When one of the drivers does not have proof of insurance.

If none of the above situations match with the conditions that exist at an accident involving your vehicle, does that mean that the incident can go unreported?

No, after any accident in Ontario, those involved have 24 hours in which to get to a collision reporting center, and to then make a written report.

Do any other activities take place at the collision reporting center, besides the submission of a written report, one composed by the driver?

Yes, the damage to the driver’s vehicle must be photographed. The photographs get placed in the center’s files.

What function do the photographs and the written report serve?

The evidence on file at the collision center can be used to fight any refusal by the insurance company to cover the cost of the accident-related damages and injuries.By the same token, the photographs taken at that particular center might be used to show that the other driver must be held responsible for the accident. For instance, if one vehicle has a dented side, and the other vehicle has some damage to a front light, it seems clear that the side damage must have been caused by an impact from the vehicle with the damaged front end.

How might someone that has fled from the scene of the accident get penalized?

A driver that has left the scene of an accident before the arrival of the police could get hit with a fine of $2,000. If the driver had justification for that act of abandoning the site of the collision, then he or she should think about hiring a personal injury lawyer in Sarnia.

If a judge cannot be convinced of the fact that the driver had good reason for leaving the scene of the collision, then the same judge might call for suspension of the driver’s license. That 2- year suspension could be called for, in addition to the fine, the one that gets paid by anyone that has flown from the scene of a reported accident. In other words, the driver stands at the mercy of the presiding judge.