How Much Is Your Personal Injury Claim Worth?

If you have been involved in a slip and fall, vehicle accident or any other type of event which caused you injuries, you might be wondering what the total worth of your case is. However, a question of the kind has no simple answers and there are quite a few things which need to be taken into account. In a personal injury case, the monetary damages are paid to the person who has been injured by the person or the insurance company who is found responsible. Of course, it does sound simple when it’s put like this but the truth is quite far away from it. So, let’s have a look at some of the things to consider.

Right off the bat, you need to know that there are a few different types of damages that you can claim in Ontario. Let’s take a look at some of them as the list is particularly extensive and impossible to contain here. Medical treatment – a personal injury case is almost always going to cover the actual cost of the treatment you had to receive in order to get better and live through the injuries you’ve incurred. These are known as non-pecuniary damages.

Income – it’s only natural for you not to be able as much as you could before the injury. This is something that should be accounted for. This will result in a loss of income that you may not be able to afford. Usually, a personal injury lawsuit is going to cover it as well.

Loss of property – if you’ve been injured in a car accident and your car has been totaled you can rely on the claim to cover this line of expenses, should you qualify for it.

Pain and suffering – these are also commonly referred to as pecuniary damages. As such, they are particularly challenging when it comes to it and they need special attention. Usually, damages for pain and suffering formulate the major portion of your claim as they are valued the highest.

Emotional distress – when it comes to serious accidents, the turmoil that you have to go through is also particularly substantial. Oftentimes, it leads to PTSD with long reaching consequences that can last a lifetime.

Loss of employment – this could be linked to loss of income, but you can also formulate a separate line of damages – your lawyer will have to handle this decision. The compensation that you will receive will cover all aspects of loss of wages on a short or long term basis.

All in all, there are quite a few different types that you can also claim but these are usually the most common ones. You would definitely need to rely on serious personal injury lawyer to handle your claim and to ensure that you rights are properly represented and protected in front of the court or the insurance company.