How To Take Action After Getting Bit By A Pet Canine

According to the law, the dog owner is liable, if that owner’s pet bites some innocent person. The law will excuse that same dog-lover, if the target of the canine’s teeth had somehow provoked that unpleasant incident. Still, anyone that gets bit by someone’s pet dog should take the appropriate action, in order to be compensated for any injuries.

Steps to be taken by the person that got bit:

• Seek medical help as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to visit a Hospital Emergency Room. If necessary, ask for transportation.
• Report the attack to the police.
• Record a description of the animal with the sharp teeth. Was it wearing a collar at the time of the attack? Was there any leash attached to that collar?
• Record the date, time and location of the biting incident. It may help to mention why you were at that particular location. Perhaps you were answering a service call from a client that was also a dog-owner.
• If possible, get the names and contact information for any witnesses.
• Take pictures of your injuries. Put on the back of the photograph the date when the picture was taken.
• Take a picture of the spot from which the dog attacked you. It might offer some clues, regarding how well or how poorly the owner had sought to control a loved pet.
• Try to get the name of the dog’s owner. It might be a stray dog that some person or organization has chosen to protect.

Make sure that the insurance company does not destroy your case.

Be honest when quoting your salary. If you are self-employed, make an honest assessment of the amount of money that you take in during a typical day. Be prepared to go after any documents that can support the veracity of your assessment.

Do not get lazy, when it comes time to go to a scheduled appointment with your treating physician. Insurance companies will insist that a victim’s injuries are not as bad as claimed, if that same victim fails to pursue the recommended treatment program. That is why it becomes important to hire the services of personal injury lawyer in North Bay.

Remain mindful of the fact that you could be under surveillance. If you feel that you might be ready to try performing an action that you could not do previously, after sustaining an injury, let your doctor know about the changes in your body. Do not try to carry out any action that resembles the type of task you were asked to perform on the job.

Do not seek to harm the animal that attacked you. The owner, not the pet, should be held accountable for any injuries that you have suffered. Do nothing that would suggest that you were seeking some form of revenge.